Bitcoin is officially the most lucrative investment of 2017

A simple look at the interactive chart on the right will show you the astonishing and unprecedented gains of Bitcoin (BTC) in the past few months. Read below why it is also the safest investment around.

I want to establish 2 things in this article:

1) make you realize how volatile the “most stable” currencies and commodites are and
2) explain why Bitcoin is the safest, quickest and most profitable investment you’ll make this year, despite what skeptics may say.

Firstly, let’s take a look at a few global news events that occurred in 2017 and understand how they affected the most traded (and assumably most secure) assets.

Mexico Earthquake
Natural disasters occur spontaneously, they instantly cause damages that reach billions of dollars. Who pays for all the repairs? Relief packages? Search and rescue expeditions? The countries with the strongest economies. Specifically 3 currencies: USD, EUR and GBP. This heavy and unpredictable stress on the economies causes a domino effect market crash, and it takes some time to recover. Bitcoin is a global decentralized currency. No government claims ownership over it. No economy or natural disaster affects its value.

Most hurricanes originate within the Gulf of Mexico. This area accounts for a substantial part of the world’s energy resources, namely oil and natural gas. Once a hurricane hits, production is shut down for safety reasons and distribution stops, causing prices of these highly traded commodities to fluctuate sporadically. The country that is most invested in the region and thus earns most from these resources is the U.S. This drastically affects the USD as well. All this is without accounting for damages caused by the hurricane… Bitcoin is not drilled for deep in the sea but rather mined online by programmers. The climate has no effect on BTC value.

Terror Attacks in Europe
These attacks strike twice: first the people with violence, then later the economy with a financial crisis. From high government spending on internal security and law-enforcement to a crash in tourism and national exports, a country that gets hit by terror can struggle for months to get out of the mud caused by a single attack. Recent terror has been occurring frequently in EU countries (specifically Belgium, Spain and France). When the economy of these powerful countries crashes, the EUR takes a blow. Once again, Bitcoin is a global coin, so one country has no influence on its value.

US and North Korea
A simple sentence said on one side of the world can cause a commotion on the other side. Tension between Trump and Kim Jong-un caused panic both in North Korea and the US, with both nations stepping up their level of readiness. When the world’s most powerful (and most expensive) military force mobilizes, you can be sure the cost is in billions of USD. The US dollar is also used to standardize the value of gold, they are paired up against each other, so when the dollar takes a hit, so does XAU. Bitcoin is not affected by politics and is a standalone currency, not paired in value against others.

Don’t get me wrong, the liquidity and sheer volume of these above mentioned assets alone still makes them highly lucrative investments, just better for long term, slow income performance.
OK, now that I’ve established how volatile the biggest and most “sound and secure” investments are I can go on a rant of how amazing Bitcoin is… but I’ve already written too much, so instead I just summarized the most important parts in bullets.

• Fastest fund transfer
• Highest price fluctuations ever seen
• Immediate profit withdrawal
• Independent investment – no broker fees
• Encrypted to the highest level of security (can’t be hacked or stolen)
• Immune to politics, the climate and daily market trends

I’m not saying spend your life savings on it immediately, start small, get familiar, assess the situation after a few weeks and take it from there.

If you have a few thousand dollars and want to make huge returns on a quick investment, you should speak with a Bitcoin specialist and start trading it.

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Invest in tomorrow, just do it now before it’s too late…
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“…the safest, quickest and most profitable investment you’ll make this year.”

“Bitcoin is a global decentralized currency. No government claims ownership over it. No economy or natural disaster affect its value.”

“If you have a few thousand dollars and want to see huge returns on a quick investment…”

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